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Along side Acupuncture, other therapies and fitness programmes can compliment your treatments with Jordan Fay.

Here are some local recommendations in Norwich


Buckforce Fitness

Personal Training with Alex Buck

Alex Buck has been a personal trainer for over 8 years now based in Norwich at the Gym Group. 

If you are coming for Acupuncture and in need of a personal trainer for weight loss, muscle gain, strength increase, general fitness and better range of movement, Alex is highly recommended to guide you through your needs. 


Along side Acupuncture, if you are experiencing pain in the body, feel a lack of motivation, suffer with low mood or just want to better your overall health, Alex can aid with your pain and build strengthen in those areas according to each individuals' needs. 


He is highly experienced with injuries, weakness in the body and can work with all ages, all types of body builds whether you are a complete beginner in the gym or an experienced member of the gym. 


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